27 March 2010

It’s on

I know weve been AWOL for a while, but were back on track and ready to take on the challenge. Weve set a date (72 days to go) and booked flights and car hire. Eek, its actually real. I think Im starting to get scared, but all booked now, so no backing out.

Sort of started training. I managed to run up the stairs to the footbridge at Embankment without getting out of breath, so a start. Any advice that you have or you’ve heard on doing the Three Peaks will be welcome. Please share.

18 August 2009

Attempt 1 = success!!

A few of the best pictures from my rather soggy camera. Despite the wind and rain we impressed ourselves by climbing the not-so-easy PYG track in 2 hours, stopping only for water breaks and to wipe the rain off our faces. Not bad for the very first practice!

Heading off- Priyanka spots the return option

Pausing for a little refreshment in a rain-free moment. Doesn't she look like a natural ramber?!!

Apparently the views from the top of Snowdon are stunning - unfortunately though all we could see was cloud, rain, and the occasional sheep. In fact it was only after we got back to the village that we discovered there is a rather posh new visitors centre and cafe metres from where we were standing - but we couldn't see a bloody thing!!

Awesome map dial thingy at the summit (i'm sure there's a more professional name for it)

Typical- almost back and the cloud finally lifts! Such a beautiful walk - though we took the easier option down! Straight to the pub...

17 August 2009

Hafod Eryri

Apparently this was at the top of Snowdon, but we couldn't see more than a metre in front of us. Oh well, maybe next time. It looks amazing though.

The weekend after

We managed to get up and down Snowdon in 4 hours and 3 minutes. Which we're very pleased with as a start to our 3 peaks training. I think Amanda is going to post some pictures later.

14 August 2009

Snowdon preparation

I got the ill preparation. Ill as in badly. This is how far I am with packing:

A pile of stuff in the corner of the room. But the all important list has been written, so should be easy to sort out once I get home. Going to try and not drink tonight - want to be in peak condition (!) for tomorrow.

13 August 2009

Weather watch

Fingers crossed, no rain.

Suited and booted

Success - I have boots. Pretty good really, seeing as we're climbing Snowdon day after tomorrow. I do have a genuine excuse why it's taken me so long and that is my crazy feet. Not only are they narrow with tiny heels, but they also have a low platform and a low arch, meaning that my feet just slide around in most boots :(

It's obviously really important to have boots that fit well and sadly all the leather walking boots (less seams, less leaks, less cleaning) didn't tick this box. It's funny how you can't choose by brand at all, because it totally depends on which shoe fits you.

In fact I spent over an hour in Itchy Feet the other day trying on every shoe they had with no success, but the guys in the shop were so helpful that I really wanted to buy something from them. They even suggested that I try Cotswold, which is where I got my boots from in the end. What I'm trying to say is - buy from Itchy Feet, they're really knowledgable and helpful.

My camera is playing up, but these are the badboys:

By far the ugliest shoes I've ever purchased, but they fit like a dream. Even started to break them in today on this route - not many hills though!